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Stay in control, while growing.

wespond provides a better way for founders to stay in control while growing their companies.

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Growing a company without losing control is hard.

There are many challenges that arise when you grow, every founder struggles with that at some point.

Fear of losing control

When delegating tasks and giving up responsibilities, it's natural to fear losing control.

Slow execution speed

Ambitious founders know that moving quickly matters, young teams often fail to hit ambitious goals.

Drowning in operational tasks

As a founder, it's important to make time to build your company, not drown in operational responsibilities.

But it doesn't need to be this way...


Lead your people, the right way.

Save time by putting your company on auto-pilot. Work on the things that matter to you.

Hold your team accountable

Drive accountability in your team through automated check-ins so your people know what is expected of them.

Track metrics that matter

Track metrics for individuals, and your team without complicated spreadsheets.

Gather continuous feedback

Automate your feedback culture and gather insights that help you improve, every week.

“Our team members were able to reach our goals quicker than we did before thanks to wespond”

Lucas Scherer, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


And that's just the beginning...

Our flexible tool can be tweaked to fit your needs within seconds.

Feedback flows

Gather automated, continuous feedback from your team on a custom schedule.

KPI Measurement

Measure KPIs from any data source for your entire team, and individual employees.

Automated Check-ins

Automatically check in with your team in a way that fits your work mode.

Pulse Surveys

Gather the input of your employees without using third party tools.

True performance score

Combine different metrics into a true performance score to quantify progress of employees.

Team Scoreboards

Share important metrics with your team in real-time to boost their motivation.

Let's build your high-performing team, together.

We've worked with many founders just like you and helped them build execution-driven teams without losing control.

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