Less meetings, more doing.

wespond provides a better way for consultants to keep an overview of their project teams.

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Managing many project teams at once can be tedious.

Keeping track of progress while listening to your team and making the space for feedback is time-consuming.

Too many meeting

Project steering meetings, feedback talks, 1-1. There are many meetings that eat up your schedule.

Manual feedback processes

Gathering feedback in weekly meetings is fine, but it's not an efficient process.

Heavy reliance on you

If you miss a day, the progress suffers. Remove yourself from the equation and let your people do their work.

But it doesn't need to be this way...


Manage your project teams like a pro.

Save time, and let your consultants do their best work without getting in the way.

Automate feedback processes

Stop worrying about gathering feedback. Automate the collection on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis. Fully customizable.

Stop Micromanaging

Give your junior consultants the needed freedom to reach their full potential without loosing track.

Automate Check-ins

Define custom questions and sit back while reviewing the answers from your team on auto-pilot.

“Our team members were able to reach our goals quicker than we did before thanks to wespond”

Lucas Scherer, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer


And that's just the beginning...

Our flexible tool can be tweaked to fit your needs within seconds.

Automated Check-ins

Automatically check in with your team in a way that fits your work mode.

Feedback flows

Gather automated, continuous feedback from your team on a custom schedule.

Pulse Surveys

Gather the input of your employees without using third party tools.

Let's save you an hour every day, together.

We've worked with many senior consultants before and helped them to manage their project teams with less time in meetings.

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