Empower learning.

Improve the learning journey for students in small-scale tutorial classes through weekly reviews.

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Step 1

One email, every friday.

On fridays, every student in a tutorial gets a secure link to their weekly review.

Works with email

Fully automated

Step 2

Answer 3 simple questions.

The students answer 3 simple questions about their highlights, lowlights & plans for the upcoming week.

Works on all devices

Takes less than 5 minutes

Step 3

Automatic summary.

Tutors get an automatic summary of how the students are doing and can adjust their teaching proactively.

Works out of the box

Provide feedback

Teaching without the weekly review

Asking for feedback about a course at the end of a period is nice, but doesn't help students right away. Shorten your feedback cycles effortlessly.

Not every student's voice is heard

Tutors can't adjust to their groups without continuous feedback

Problems are only discovered at the end of teaching periods

Teaching with the weekly review

Get useful insights from students

Don't rely on boring course evaluations, get useful insights right away.

Adjust teaching for groups

Empower your tutors with actionable feedback to improve quality of tutorials.

Leverage collaborative learning

Improve courses with every tutorial by learning together with every student.

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Dr. Hubertus Porschen, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

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