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One email, every friday.

On fridays, every member in your team receives a secure link to their weekly review.

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Answer 3 simple questions.

Every member of your team answers 3 simple questions about their highlights, lowlights & learnings of the last week.

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Takes less than 5 minutes

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Automatic summary.

You and your founder get a light-weight summary of your team and stay informed, effortlessly.

Works out of the box

Provide feedback

Work without the weekly review

Without the weekly review, you either micro manage your team or lack the overview to achieve results.

No insight into what team member really think

Inefficient stand up meetings

Misalignment of the team without reflections

Work with the weekly review

Light-weight status updates

Don't scare your team with long surveys or status updates.

Keep an

Know what your team has been up to - without being annoying.

Improve teamwork

Enhance learning within your team. No Zoom meeting required.

"wespond helps companies run internal communication easily & reliably. A great addition to digitalisation in organisations."

Dr. Hubertus Porschen, Entrepreneur & Keynote Speaker

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