How sourc-e saves time in their weekly meetings by using wespond

sourc-e is a technology startup from Cologne, Germany that digitalizes the procurement process of printed products. Since it's founding in 2016, sourc-e has become a major player in the field with their print intelligence platform.







Q1: What did teamwork look like before you introduced wespond into your workflow?

We used to run extensive monday morning meetings with our team where we discussed efforts, problems and progress from the past week. Additionally, we got our team together to prioritize the upcoming week to align our efforts.

Q2: Why did you choose wespond?

The solution from wespond appeared to be a simple and light-weight way for us to keep an overview of what everyone in the team is working on without micromanaging the activites from a day-to-day.

Q3: Are you happy with your choice?

Up until this point, we are finding the weekly review updates truly helpful to understand how the past week has been for everyone in our team. This helped us reduce the time we spend in our monday morning meetings and enables us to discuss the topics that actually matter.

Q4: What would you advise someone who has never tried wespond?

For everyone who has not tried wespond yet, we would suggest to just give it a try. The setup was done in a few minutes and our team loves the simplicity of the tool.