How FRT uses wespond to incorporate continuous feedback processes

FRT is a semiconductor equipment manufacturer providing multi-sensor metrology tools globally. FRT has been part of FormFactor Inc. since 2019.





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Q1: What did teamwork look like before you introduced wespond into your workflow?

We were always a really open company when it comes to company culture and communication. Our teams always worked closely together and did not hesitate to give honest feedback. Still there is always some kind of 3rd party rumors going around.

Q2: Why did you choose wespond?

A major point was to have an option to give direct feedback anonymously to the leadership team, including the CEO. Also we wanted to make communication in regards to surveys and companywide news easier. wespond’s solution gives us the possibility to conduct surveys in seconds within our several departments and we were able to gather real valuable feedback within the first weeks already.

Q3: Are you happy with your choice?

Yes! wespond’s solution works seamlessly and the set-up has been done by wespond within one day. Therefore, we did not have to do any additional work when implementing wespond. Our employees like wespond and love to give feedback through wespond’s tool, both, directly and also anonymously!

Q4: What would you advise someone who has never tried wespond?

At first, our biggest concern was the setup and spending time on implementation. However, wespond did all of that for us and set everything up. It is really easy to use and loved by our staff! Just give it a try!