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The world’s most modern leaders use wespond’s leadership tool to achieve more with their teams.

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Our leadership tool combines everything you need to manage your team like a pro.

Pulse Surveys for on-demand insights.

Sometimes weekly checks and evaluations are not enough. Therefore, you can create pulse surveys if necessary and gain valuable insights into your team whenever you want to.

Progress Models to align everyone.

Every member of your team should work towards a specific goal. But is everyone aligned? With the help of our progress models, you measure what matters and improve your team's productivity.

Evaluations so you can share honest feedback.

Feedback is one of the main drivers of a company's success. Our evaluations make it easier than ever for you to gather and promote feedback to drive your team's motivation.

"wespond helps me and my employees move forward in the right direction quicker than ever."

Dr. Thomas Fries, Chief Executive Officer

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Many more features that make managing your team delightful.

Automatic Summary Report

Summary Reports of your team delivered right to your inbox.

Customizable Questions

Adjust the questions so they fit your team perfectly.


Integrate with popular communication tools like Slack.

Scale Questions

Get quantitative insights and see the bigger picture with trends.

Open Text Questions

Give your team member the freedom to express their thoughts.

Customizable Sending Times

Different work schedule? No problem, adjust however you like.


Challenge your team with 100+ challenges to gain new insights.

Question Library

Research-backed questions to give you better insights.

1-click Organisation Integration

Integrate in your entire organisation with one click.

Create an unfair advantage for your team

Join the world’s most innovative teams using wespond to accelerate their performance.

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